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Everything’s a go


We’re back in play.

Yay! Welcome to V2 of, where I continue to share my travelling and lifestyle adventures!

The main thing you’ll notice off the bat is that all the publish dates for my posts are wrong and from the same couple of days. That’s because is wack and doesn’t have an export feature for their crap Wix Blog app, so I had to manually port everything over here. JOY!

But, now that I am on the wordpress engine, I can treat this site like a proper blog, rather than get lost in the weeds on the pretty layout stuff. It doesn’t matter if it’s pretty if you can’t manage it properly, does it? I got myself backwards on that one but I’m all set now!

I think most stuff is set up like sharing and whatnot but if you find something missing you’d like to see, lemme know!



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