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Ok, you should know — this site is not about the professional version of me.

We all have a cornucopia of versions of ourselves, do we not? There’s the version of you that may, say, belch after a very delicious meal in the company of close friends. Or, say, the you that has lost all ability for cognitive function after a truly buttery soul massage at your favorite spa.

This version of you may be more blunt, or honest, or silly — driven perhaps a bit less by your pre-frontal cortex and a tad more by your wicked little amygdala.

This blog is about THAT version of me. It’s about the simple stuff. We’re human beans, after all.

Travel / Writing Credentials


  • Travel runs in the family blood. My mother hails from the Philippines. My Dad is a Black American civilian travel gypsy. I am not a “military brat.” I lived in Singapore for 6 years when I was 6 years old (I won’t say what year this was, but let’s just say pre-1990s). THOSE were the formative travel years. From age 5.5 – 11.5 I travelled ALL OVER South and East Asia to the point where the whole place just felt like home. And you will see that from my childhood there I still insist on adding two “Ls” to “travelling” and “travelled.” Deal.

  • Then there were the 3 years of High School in South Korea.

  • For college, I came back to Stanford University where I pursued a degree in English/Creative Writing.

  • There is a part of me that never really feels “American.” Every 3-6 months I will get a craving to get out of my immediate zip code and ideally country. Finances don’t always allow this, so I try at least 1x a year to get the hell out of the USA and douse myself in learning another way of life somewhere else.


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